Are you dreaming of your big day and don’t know where to start? 

Meet Little Doozy! She’s a vintage 1963 caravan, a boutique BYO bar service for all occasions. 

A BYO bar with the flexibility to provide your own drinks. With her custom built Macrocarpa bar, Little Doozy will make sure the drinks flow- so you don’t have to!

She’s darn cute and with her dedicated bar staff team – aka “Mum and Daughter combo”- you’re guaranteed to have friendly, personalised drink service delivered by people who really care about your day.

Little Doozy is 58 years young, full of experience and never fails to bring sparkle to your event. Along with the top-notch service, she’s bound to be the talk of the town.

It’s pretty simple… 

You supply it; we serve it! 

Get in touch today….. Doozy would love to come to the party!!

Only two years ago, Little Doozy was a sleepy caravan. These days she can be seen zooming around the North Island, serving premium drinks and delivering exceptional service. ‘Want to know how it happened?

What our clients have to say…