Does Little Doozy sell alcohol? 

Unfortunately, Little Doozy does not sell alcohol or any other kind of drink, as this requires a liquor license that we do not have. However, you do not need an event liquor license when you are supplying alcohol to a private event, as long as it is not open to the public. Therefore, as long as you supply all alcohol and beverages, Little Doozy can serve them. If a liquor license is needed, this can be obtained by the venue. Please refer to this link for more information from Auckland Council. 


Flowers by Little Doozy Caravan Bar at a wedding expo New Zealand

Does Little Doozy have insurance?

Yes, we have public/product liability insurance. However, all licenses, permits, and insurance required by your venue must be obtained by you. Events held on council properties such as parks or beaches will require permission from your local council. If you are unsure if you require one, you should contact the relevant council for more information.

How big is Little Doozy, and how much space does she require? 

Little Doozy Caravan Bar is 1.9m wide, 2.6m high and 3.7m long (including the trailer drawbar). We require stable and flat ground to be set up on. Please note that on the day we may need to revise the designated area due to site access, serving window access, the contour of the ground, and access to a power source. If you have any concerns about the area we will be on, please let us know and we can organise a site check to make sure it is appropriate.

Black Rock Garden

What beverages can be served from LD?

We are able to serve anything you supply. This includes wine, champagne, cocktails/mocktails, soft drinks, mineral water, beer, and cider. Basically, if you can provide it, we can serve it. We are also able to make signature drinks and cocktails at your request. Please advise us before the event to ensure we have the correct tools for the job. Having a non-alcoholic event? No problem. There are plenty of amazing virgin beverage options that we can serve.

Do the Little Doozy staff remove the empty bottles and take away the rubbish at the end of the night? 

Unfortunately, due to size issues, we are unable to dispose of rubbish or bottles. However, we do clear away all empty bottles and rubbish from the bar area into rubbish bags that we will provide. We also recommend that you have a designated area for your guests to easily dispose of/recycle their empty bottles.   

What time will Little Doozy arrive onsite to set up? 

It will depend on what package and add-on you have booked. Normally, we will arrive at your venue anywhere from 1.5 to 2 hours ahead of opening service to ensure that everything is set-up and ready before your bar service begins. 

Are there cancellation fees?

Unfortunately yes. Once your event is confirmed and the non-refundable deposit has been received, the date is yours. We will take no other booking for that day. Full payment is required prior to the event, which will also not be refunded. A copy of Little Doozy’s hire contact including T & C’s will be supplied to you at the time of booking.

Does LD require power?

Yes. Little Doozy uses 240V, which is a standard power socket. Typically, most venues/businesses have power supplies we can easily plug into. We also have a small, quiet generator that we can use for short events. Having access to water is also preferred, but not essential. If your event does not have a water supply for us to use, you will need to provide large bottled water for our service. 

Where is Little Doozy based, and does she travel? 

Little Doozy is based in South Auckland, but can also service the wider Auckland and Coromandel and Hamilton area. Please be advised that for events outside of Franklin, there may be additional travel fees.

How do we keep beverages cold?

Little Doozy has special customised chilly bins. There are also several larger chilly bins that we use to hold all the extra stock. Through the service, Doozy will be replenished with enough liquids to keep everyone happy. If you are having an event during the summer months, or an event with a lot of people, we HIGHLY recommend looking into hiring a large, portable chiller. These are roughly $300 to hire and can be acquired through your liquor store. 

What we supply

  • Little Doozy! Our 61 year old vintage caravan bar will be sparkling clean and decked out in her gorgeous attire, ready to serve all your guests. 
  • Two staff members. Our staff members will handle all the setting-up, bartending, and cleaning of the bar area once your event is finished. Please note that the two staff are for an event with a maximum of 70 people, and every group of 50 people over this will need an additional staff member. 
  • Ice, straws, and napkins will also be provided. We will be fully stocked with enough ice to last the whole night (even if Aunt Mary decides she wants a snack of ice chips), plus enough straws and napkins to keep everyone happy. Please note that the availability of these will depend on the number of guests that you have specified will be attending.
  • Little Doozy also has several dispensers filled with delicious fruit-infused water to keep your guests hydrated. We will supply the glasses for the water dispensers, but these cannot be used for alcohol.

What you supply

  • You will need to supply all alcohol, mixers, and any other ingredients that you want to be served with your cocktails. We will be able to make and serve any drinks that you want, but we do not supply any materials for this. This can be an advantage, as it allows you to buy directly from the supplier and avoid the expensive mark-up price. If you want personalized cocktails, you will also need to supply all garnishes, such as mint or sugar. Please contact us to discuss further if this is something you would like or if you have any other questions regarding what you will need to provide.
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