Florals & Glassware


Little Doozy’s Glassware Packages 

For ultimate ease when planning your event, Little Doozy will sort out the glassware for you. With a flat-fee of .90c per glass, we will choose which option best suits your drinks. We have handpicked each type of glass, to ensure that you are getting the most beautiful options available. I truly believe that the beauty of an event is in the details, and this is certainly true with the drinks. Having a gorgeous detailed glass makes all the difference, and your guests will certainly notice.  Our range of high-quality glasses includes:

  • Stemless
  • Champagne flutes
  • Rock glasses 
  • Highball glasses
  • Martini glasses
  • Shot glasses
  • Stemmed wine glasses (with both red and white wine option available) 
  • Cocktail glasses

A $150 bond is required for glassware hire. Any breakages or missing glassware is charged at a flat fee of $9 a glass. If you are hiring your own glasses, Doozy is able to serve drinks in them. However, for ease of service and your own peace-of-mind we recommend using our package.

Term and Conditions for Glassware supplied by you

  • We take no responsibility for breakages/missing or the safety of glassware supplied by you. Glassware must be of a bar standard. We do not serve drinks out of plastic or paper cups. 
  • LD does not take responsibility for cleaning the glasses after the service. Instead, we will place glassware supplied by you in a prearranged area at the end of the event.  
  • LD requires confirmation of the quantity of glassware supplied by you seven days before the event. LD reserves the right to bring additional glassware if you do not provide the correct amount at your cost.

Floral Packages

Flowers are one of the easiest ways to brighten up your event. We have teamed up with Soul Flower Karaka to bring you several floral package options, for all your flower needs. 

There are three themes available for your flowers. 

  1. Boho (a mixture of cream, white, and blush tones) 
  2. Brights (a vibrant mix of red, yellow, and pink)
  3. Dried (soft cream, natural, and blush tones) 

Once you have chosen your colour scheme, you can choose between fresh ($450) or dried ($550) arrangements. Each set of arrangements include : 

  • 1x Bride bouquet 
  • 1x Bridesmaid bouquet 
  • 1x Grooms buttonhole 
  • 1x Groomsmen buttonhole 
  • 1x floral arrangement for Doozy 

Terms and Conditions may apply to floral package.