How it works

Every event is unique, and we like to quote based on your requirements. Please get in touch so we can discuss your event and how we can help. 

What we supply 

  • Little Doozy! The caravan bar will be sparkling clean and decked out in her gorgeous attire ready to serve your guests. 
  • Two staff members. Our staff members will handle all the setting-up, bartending, and cleaning of the bar area after your event is finished. Our staff are also able to make custom cocktails, or mocktails if you are wanting an alcohol-free event. Please note that the two staff members are for an event with 100 people or under. For every 50 more people, we will need to have another staff member. 
  • Ice, straws, and napkins will also be provided. We will be fully stocked with enough ice to last the night, plus straws and napkins to help keep everyone happy. Please note that the availability of these will depend on the number of guests that you have specified will be coming. 
  • Little Doozy also has several dispensers with delicious fruit-infused water to keep your guests hydrated. We will supply the glasses for the water, but these cannot be used for alcohol. 

What you supply 

  • You will need to supply all alcohol, mixers, and any other ingredients. Little Doozy will be able to make and serve any drinks you want, but we are not able to source the materials for this. This can actually be an advantage, as it allows you to buy directly from the supplier, and avoid mark-up price. If you are wanting personalised cocktails, then you will also need to supply all garnishes, such as mint. Please contact us to discuss this further if this is something you would like.