Came to us in November of 2019, and it felt like it was meant to be. It might sound a little funny, but I fell in love with her instantly. 

She encapsulated the ‘Kiwiana’ feeling, the community spirit and casual familiarity that’s present on beach days and backyard barbeques. 

Doozy was living a relaxed lifestyle with her previous owners. Used as a holiday home, she was definitely well-loved. Although her owners had kept her spiffy, we did need to do extensive renovations. Considering she’s 57, there were some structural work that needed to be done, like the replacement of the walls and wooden framing. We spent months going over the plans for her renovation. Even though she was slightly rundown, she still had so much personality, and I didn’t want to do anything that could damage that. We agonised over all the decisions, as we wanted to ensure that every change would just be accentuating her personal style, not detracting from her original charm. 

Little Doozy got her name from my husband. It’s an old family saying- when we need to get something done; it’s ‘That’s how we doozy it!’. We added the ‘Little’ in, as her small size just adds to her charm.

I had always loved the events industry, so converting Doozy into a mobile caravan bar seemed like the natural option. I’m a real people person and love being able to celebrate with others. I also knew how expensive events could be, and I wanted to provide a more affordable option. As we don’t supply the alcohol, you only need to pay for Doozy and the labour. This typically works out to be much cheaper than other bar options, even with the price of alcohol factored in. 

Another thing I love about Little Doozy is how she has allowed me to make connections with other businesses. I have already partnered up with the lovely team at Soul Flowers Karaka for our flower packages, and I look forward to working with other small businesses. Now more than ever, people are beginning to understand what small businesses do for our communities. I love that I can support a family business instead of a corporation. By using little Doozy, you are also feeding this positive cycle.